UAM's Disassembly operations represent the best-of-the-best in the aviation aftermarket industry. Having completed over 300 aircraft disassemblies that span the spectrum of the commercial aircraft aftermarket, our processes are designed to ensure the maximum value is extracted from your aircraft when it is inducted into our End-of-Life program. Our skilled technical and engineering teams have completed noteworthy disassemblies such as the first ever Boeing 777-200 that was parted out in the aviation aftermarket industry and the last ever passenger Boeing 747-400 that flew in Japan.

Using the AFRA accredited system for airframe disassemblies, the UAM technical team is capable of executing precise and efficient disassemblies that remove components from nose-to-tail. Need MPA runs? Engine removals? Cockpit & fuselage cuts? No problem. The UAM engineering specialists can execute them all in an exceptionally fast & satisfactory manner.

At UAM, your assets represent a lifetime of investment. The Disassembly Center represents one of the pathways through which those investments grow even when it has stopped flying.