The History of UAM

Universal Asset Management (UAM) was founded in 1992 as an aircraft asset trading company called Universal Resources, Inc., with only one employee. In August 1993, the company's name was formally changed to Universal Asset Management, Inc. UAM's first asset trade was a JT8D jet engine and UAM remains active in aircraft engine purchases, leasing and component sales.

In 1997, UAM relocated its Global Headquarters to Memphis, Tennessee, moving to its current location at 5350 Poplar Avenue in 2007. Since its conception, UAM has pioneered numerous commercial aviation products, processes and standards, including but not limited to: the full recycling of carbon fiber from formerly operational aircraft; the first-ever disassembly of a Boeing 777; the disassembly of the last Boeing 747 passenger plane in Japan; and the disassembly of the last Boeing 747s to fly for United Airlines.

UAM has expanded to include full-service, aviation-focused and dedicated warehouse and logistics services, initially opening an 80,000-square-foot warehouse in Pocahontas, Arkansas. In 2011, to accommodate further dynamic growth in its inventory of engine and airframe components, UAM consolidated its warehouse operations to a 450,000 square foot facility in Tupelo, Mississippi where it remains today.

In 2013, UAM underwent a transformation and modernization of the company to set it up for even more growth. In September 2013, Universal Asset Management was purchased by its former Chief Operating Officer, Keri Wright. At the helm as Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Wright has led UAM through a period of increased operational efficiency, innovative technology and record-breaking profitability.

In March 2017, UAM was acquired by Aircraft Recycling International (ARI)-a member company of the China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (CALC). ARI is a downstream extension of CALC's aviation value-chain, and is engaged in asset management and total aircraft solutions relating to aging aircraft. By opening the first aircraft recycling center in Harbin, China in June 2018, ARI and UAM now deploy the latest technologies in aircraft disassemblies to meet global component requirements, thereby creating total aircraft solutions. As a wholly owned US subsidiary of ARI, UAM is responsible for ARI's aircraft recycling business and a key asset to its global disassembly and distribution network. Together, ARI and UAM form global solutions to aging aircraft, further strengthening CALC's status as a full value-chain aircraft solutions provider.

UAM has been successful at evolving and changing to stay ahead of other aviation aftermarket firms, positioning itself in the most competitive way possible. UAM continues to expand with the goal of becoming a beacon of innovation & success in the global aviation industry.

Corporate Offices in Memphis, TN

Aircraft Disassembly Center in Tupelo, MS

Global Distribution Center in Vernona, MS

World's largest Aircraft Recycling Center in Harbin, China